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Accuweigh Automation & Solutions Private Limited was established in 2006. They design, develop, and offer Industrial Automation Equipment and Factory Automation Systems, including Material Handling Systems, Special Purpose Machines, Panel Welding Fixtures, Assembly Automation Systems, Flow Rack Systems, Workstation Solutions, and Extruded Profiles & Fixtures.


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Rebrand the company’s identity. Create an impactful market presence.


Accuweigh creates sophisticated solutions for industries, making their work simple, effective, and error-free. To rebrand the company’s image and position them as a contemporary solution provider for Industries, we created a simplistic, solution-based identity. Everything from the logos to the environmental branding was solution-oriented. The website kept the products at the forefront, displaying the diverse range of solutions provided by Accuweigh. We chose a bold, clean, and sophisticated color palette. In the end, everything came together seamlessly, creating a strong and unified brand presence for Accuweigh.

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