The Background

Established amidst the heart of scrap market in Kudalwadi, Elegance was coming ahead with its most reasonable budget friendly apartment society. The connectivity, the location and the selling rate all were pretty smooth. But, even so, establishing itself and gaining more enquiries with a positive attitude was a tough task.

The Solution

Focusing more on the USPs we started designing a campaign that would engage curiosity. The use of vernacular language made it familiar to the target audience we were planning to focus on. In the mid- way of the dry and dull colored land, Violet inserted a new meaning to the project. The base USP was that the project was budget-friendly and the rates were reasonable. This was the main feature of the campaign and we started positioning the brand based on these key points.

Furthermore, the DP Plan of the area was very strong. On the basis of these key points we devised a concept. The base element was that a well-to-do family. Homes are something that we buy for making the family at ease. In today’s real estate market world, owning a home in Pune is pretty big deal. And that too reasonable and budget friendly became an aggressive branding tactic.


The Result

In around the whole project period, 300-400 enquiries were generated. Around 64.8% of these enquiries were them converted to potential customers. During the campaign many competitors tried to crash Elegance’s campaign but all the efforts became futile due to precise brand establishment and perfect positioning plan. Once the campaign became successful it was recalled and recollected by the area crowd extensively.

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