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The Background

The Background: A premier window installation firm to be entered as a commercial brand with an emotional place in customer’s hearts. The company has yet to be introduced with the promising brand value. Therefore, keeping in mind its features as well as the commercial aspect we had to develop a brand name in itself. The brand, which will be recognized, not by its product alone. IT will be accounted by its values and its promises.

The Solution

The first task that came in existence was the tagline. The tagline need not be commercial or too casual; but it should depict ease and attitude of the brand. It should be weighed along with corporate and commercial competitors too. Once the tagline was through, then came the color and logo design. Without leaving the emotional aspect the logo was designed, and so were the colors chosen respectively. A human heart is the most lovable touch one can get other than the baby steps. Whenever a human heart is thought about, on-scientific aspect, it reaches exactly to the consumers. With respect to the same, the color is also chosen in such a way. Simultaneously the stringent thought process as to how must the brand be promoted and how must each element be projected was continued. With serious efforts that led to the final projection of the brand along with the brand guideline, My Window was ready to be presented completely for the client to get an overview as to have it will be branded. This task was not ‘a convenient-finish-twice-approval’ kind of the thing. But by the end of it, when the results emerged, everyone was more than happy as it depicted exactly what My Window must have and how it will be recollected every time.

The Result

A commercial emotional brand has a lot of work into it. Therefore, every minute element is thought with decisive efforts and the psychological phenomenon of the customers. In addition to it is the official branding phenomenon. Keeping in mind all this My Window is developed as the brand with international standards suitably fit in the national market.

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