The Background

Adhik Resorts have been collectively sharing their tastes and aromas in industrial areas for a decade now. Moving forward, they wanted to build their own identity in Food Industry too. With so much a customer base constantly suggesting them to open their hotel ventures so that they could relish the Maharashtrian tastes all through the day, Adhik resorts brought up this new idea of O’ZARA. What they had planned was to bring upon and design a traditional Maharashtrian dining restaurant with authentic tastes and historic ambience. Also what they indulged for Smokey tastes of chulha and the traditional customs for Maharashtrian foods.

The Solution

With the theme intact and the thinking stream lined we knew what exactly was needed for O’Zara. From nomenclature to its branding everything was devised to spread the message clearly. It depicted royalty, imperialism and authenticity. The caption was also well thought for future convenience and ease in promotional campaign.The brand qualities and the brand colours; everything enhanced the ideology of O’Zara. Therefore, we clubbed everything in one flow and one discipline. Once the name was chosen, half the task was done and then everything was set in motion. From making Brand Guideline to implementing the brand promises we served O’Zara as any five star ethnic restaurant. Once the designing and the execution was complete we started working on the strategy for the advertising plan. Keeping in mind, the brand promises we needed a strategy on similar grounds. Thus our business development and strategy planners went down to the roots with the traditional themed restaurant. Our project managers worked closely with strategy planners and hotel planners for making O’Zara see itself as a historic traditional and authentic brand.


The Result

Once the execution and implementation was complete, O’Zara was ready to be tested in the business world. What we planned was a soft launch for near well-wishers and desperate tasters to indulge themselves in the tradition and customs for Maharashtrian foods. What was thought about and what has been developed has its own mystical balance that blends the work and idea in itself. O’Zara is premium traditional authentic restaurant with a royal dining experience.

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