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Premier Plus Campaign


The Background

Premier Plus was the only automobile parts’ vendor that wished to become an independent brand. Premier Plus was a supplier that used to sell parts under different Brand’s name. The main competitors for Premier Plus were based from Indian Capital and north. Therefore, targeting these competitors was a challenging task. All the more, the target audience for this brand was uneducated and from motor industry. Therefore hardly anybody would spare their time as to carefully inspecting the brand or the originality. Once the brand was established duplication of the brand also hampered the business profusely.

The Solution

Keeping in mind the target audience, we devised to approach the color as the main strategy for the brand establishment. Red being the usual color used for automobile industry we started positioning the brand through this color. The posters, banners, products packaging, pricelist, catalog, Seminar branding everything was designed on the basis of this color.

Once the brand was established, next challenge was that of duplication. The pirated brand targeted everything on the same feature except the spelling was different. Then we started educational campaign about duplication and originality. One more addition was that of designing a hologram for every original Premier Plus product. From No brand to Premier Plus was a journey of the brand becoming one of the successful national player in automobile brand.

Mostly, many brands restrict themselves to the products they started with their business. Premier plus was very clear of this vision and therefore, establishing them as a national brand was easier and interesting. From rubber part manufacturing to an entire metal-less automobile parts Brand made them well known.


The Result

With brand establishment Premier plus was mapped on the national level of automobile brands. Also, the duplication had nearly decreased the business turnover by 27.6 %. In over a period of six months this ratio was upturned to more than 50% increase in business turnover. Planning every strategy and making the brand a successful national brand was a huge accomplishment.

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