Satyam Jewellers Campaign


The Background

Tell me something that I dunno

Satyam Jewellers is one of the most significant jewellers; even so, nobody could challenge their positioning in the market. However, they wanted to compete with something new and innovative. And this time they decided to explore more than just the added sales. Every time they increased their sales and thus the satisfaction was attained.However,some missing piece was inadvertently left behind. All the more, going by the books and by the rules was not their style.

The Solution

Into her heart and more

The Key focus obviously lied in the two things mentioned above, something innovative and new. Initiating typical products and photography as well as making some one brand ambassador was definitely out of question. After quite a lot brainstorming we did go to the basics'; Dig deep into the social aspect, women, their love for jewellery and their care for safety. And thus was born the idea, ‘Respecting womanhood’. So it was then decided so as to how to proceed and put forth the campaign idea.


The Result

Lek Majhi Lucky

When we started working on this idea all we knew was core thought. How one will do it and how to proceed with the campaign for a period of 4-5 months still was the underlying question. Also, on top of it the period was of the festivities. All the more, when you try and tell the society to do this or don’t do that, well hardly anyone will love into it. As Howard Luck Gossage has rightfully said, “Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” Therefore, this pretty much makes the picture clear that the advertising must be strong as well as soft at the same time. We don’t want people to bore themselves with social messages and at the same time we don’t them to ignore us. So thus came the different engagement tactics.

Underlying Respecting womanhood, one more campaign was taking pace which was quite unexpected but more famous and engaging. Lek Majhi Lucky was an engaging campaign that gained huge response. The character creation, idea transfer and the making of the designs was an innovative approach in the advertising world during the festive season. The marketing trend of the area was creating a lucky draw competition to increase sales. However, when you need to stand out in the crowd you need to put on your thinking caps. Optimist team is an enthusiastic team and eagerly waits for such opportunities. Foremost, we started working on the approach and strategy. The strategy was simple to engage more and more audience for the lucky draw. But including the audience for that particular lucky draw was a challenge. While we were deeply thinking about it, our research buddies gave us an insight of the marketing around in the area. What we decided then was the result of this research. And thus was born Lek Majhi Lucky. Under the then campaign RESPECTING WOMANHOOD; Lek Majhi Lucky was an intelligent idea. We started with different communicative hoardings and cartoon of a family with our main subject as the the girl from the family. The cartoon approach was something no one had thought about and thus Lek Majhi Lucky engrossed itself with a terrific response and high productivity in sales.

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