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Indrayani International School

Indrayani International School was established in the year 2012 with an idea to run the school in such a manner so as to add new aspects in the field of teaching & learning, discipline, moral and social responsibility, hygiene and good conduct.


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To work on Brand Image & develop a website which will convey the school’s philosophy and morals to the visitors. To establish a social media presence.


Indrayani International wanted to convey and promote its play-way method of education. So the entire website had to be written and designed in such a way that it reflects the philosophy and curriculums in a lively way. The website was designed in an astute manner within 3 days after receiving the brief and programming and development took just 5 days including testing. Digital Team & Copywriters came up with promotional & education-oriented campaigns which were successful in generating engagement and increasing the reach thus creating a brand presence within a short period of time.

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