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Innocent Times

Innocent Times Pvt. Ltd. is a pre-primary education institute and early intervention center with a focus on the child’s overall development.


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To create awareness and rebrand Innocent Times with a fresh identity and cohesive presence. Also, to surmount some major roadblocks like distance from home, aggressive competition, ignorance of the importance of preschool education, and parents preference of one school for the entire academic duration.


We started with understanding the parents’ psychology in choosing a preschool. Once we had the data from our research, we evaluated it against our strengths. Then, we made a systematic plan to overcome the challenges, broadcast our strengths that affect the parents’ decision. We revamped the logo - highlighting inclusiveness, ideals of Innocent Times. Then, we remade the website with a modern design, detailed and engaging content to reassure parents and build trust. We did site branding, internal branding, brand collateral designs, and optimized their social presence creating cohesive brand touchpoints.

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