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Mantra Vastu

Mantra Vastu is one of the fastest-growing realty solution providers in Western India. They have a wide range of home options in multiple locations with a big price bracket.


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To brand Mantra Vastu as a one-stop solution for home search anywhere in Pune.


We started by analyzing the challenges, myths, and negatives. After defining our problem - “People think buying a home is impossible or the market is down, but in reality, the problem is people do not see the right home,” we defined the solution - “Making people meet their perfect home.” Now that we had both the problem and the solution, we defined how Mantra Vastu can bridge this gap - “by helping people find their perfect home.” And that became our motto - Any Budget, Any Location, Many Homes. We ran awareness campaigns - There’s a perfect home for you, Your home is closer than you think and more. We made brochures for different properties, hoardings, and other collaterals. We also branded Mantra Vastu as a home consultant and started on-ground consultancy programs, which was promoted online, where people can consult Mantra Vastu for free for home-related decisions.


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