Product vs. brand – How similarly different they are!

Product and brand are two commonly encountered terms in marketing. You might get confused between the two, but the difference is very simple. A product is an item that is available for sale in the market. A brand is one which distinguishes a product from another.

What is a product?

A product is a service or good or a combination of both which is made by the manufacturers or producers. It can be physical and non-physical. It is an object/item that is ready to sell.  A product is a need and this need can be satisfied by any product.

A product can be copied by different companies. Like say, there are many companies that make toothpaste. The brands might be different but the product remains the same, eg. Colgate, pepsodent, Himalaya, etc. all these companies make toothpaste but the product remains the same.

Every product has a size, shape, colour, texture, brand name, packaging features and much more, which are only physiologically or quality wise different. Companies take advantage of this fact and try to persuade the customers. They will produce similar products to confuse the target audience. Therefore, unless you experience the product and see its performance you cannot trust it.

A product usually has a limited life. With the changing time, it might expire soon. Once it is expired it becomes outmoded.  In such a case, when a product expires, the company might re-launch the product; re-introduce it to the target audience. This is why companies do re-branding of a product.

What is a brand?

A brand is the preferred identity of a product. It is when you can connect yourself with the brand, and choose to buy a product of that particular brand. It identifies a particular product from a pool of similar products. It has a personal touch, an emotional connection with the customer, which makes them chose that brand over and over. It is like forming a relationship, trusting and getting attached to the product via brand. In simple words, a brand is made by the people.

If seen clearly, a brand can only be felt, it cannot be touched. It is wider than a product and is not made easily. It takes years to build a brand and once it is built, it just grows with time. Once a brand earns trust then it stays in the market on its goodwill.

 Take Google for example, when it was launched, people took some time to experience it, like it and trust it. It is because of the trust & experience that people rely on Google more than themselves. Today if Google launches any new product or makes enhancement in any of its products, people would blindly trust it. This is because Google is a famous and well-accepted brand. It will only grow with time and its brand fame needs no change.

A brand never dies it only dwells with time, on the other hand, the product might keep changing.

Connecting dots between a brand and product

A brand truly emerges from a product. They both are different but cannot survive without each other.  A product might be available in the market, but only a brand builds its value over time. A brand is made with experience, benefits, relation, and trust, while a product is made with performance, experience and benefits. Now you see the thin line between the two?  They both go hand in hand with each other.

How similarly different they are!

Talking about the similarities, there are a few points that separate a brand from a product. A product can be replaced but a brand cannot be. Once an image is established of a brand no matter what products may come and go the brand will not change. This is the beauty of a brand it never dies while a product might. Having said this, we can also say that a brand is unique while a product might not be.

They might seem the same but if you look at the differences then you will know the real difference between them how similarly different they actually are. A product is a single identity & there can be various products under a single brand. This makes the brand a wider term than a product. A brand truly exists because there is a product.

Speaking about the differences, a brand cannot be copied while a product can be. A brand is connected with mind and a product is connected with the brand. A brand, on the other hand, offers value and a product offers solutions. A product is what you need and a brand is what you want.

I hope this article has helped you to clear your thoughts, for detailed information about the current trends, stay tuned.

Quotes to highlight in the article: ‘product is what you need & brand is what you want’

‘Product can be copied but a brand is unique’

‘Product is ephemeral, brand live forever’

Branding & Advertising – Breaking the stereotypes

Branding creates an identity of your brand and creates its personality. It helps your brand to stand out in the market and connects the audience with your brand.

Defining ways, following guidelines and creating something amazing is known as branding. At least many people call it branding. People believe what they see; they follow what others are doing. You see, it’s a very influential process.

But then, the main question remains, are we doing it right?

If looked upon, there are surplus ways in which we can promote/market our brand. After all, it’s all about the promotions, right?

Speaking truly, we can say a brand has few characteristics, attitudes, behaviours, and projections. And an amalgamation of these gives us a brand. Sculpted from every angle and refined in every step, branding is a meticulous process which leads to a simplified solution.

Talking about simplified solutions for branding, we have a knack to do the same. In fact, people always tend to do the same. Once they see someone’s success story, they tend to copy it. Why? Because it worked for them; it gave them results, popularity, identity, so we think it will work for us as well.

But there is one thing that we forget, “What a brand wants is totally different from what we give.” Just because it worked for some other brand, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Understand how your brand works, what it needs and what are we doing with it. It’s not rocket science; it’s quite simple if we have the vision to see beyond. 

For seeing beyond, we have to consider things as they really are. Understand why they exist and then take a call on what should be done.

Every Brand has its own attitude.

Ever wondered why a brand projects itself in a particular way? Why L’Oreal only speaks on the feelings of pride & worth and not on getting fairer?

Why does surf excel speak on ‘daag acche hai’ and not on affordable washing solutions?

Because it is the way it projects itself in the market; it is the way they choose to communicate and connect. But this does not mean that they don’t care about the excellent washing results or be the ultimate washing product in the market. They only choose a way to do that, and that’s simple, by choosing an attitude.

Defining an attitude helps the brand to place itself in front of the audience with confidence. And everybody likes confidence; it gives them security.

When branding, one must understand the needs of a brand along with its attitude. This indeed will lead to a much-simplified solution. 

Break the stereotypes

Another habit that we developed while branding is continuing what has been done previously.

Why? Just because it worked last time doesn’t mean it will work every time.

When medicines can have an expiry date then why not trends?

It’s a fast moving world where things change in the blink of an eye, technology evolves instantly and time is not an issue anymore.

And in the field of advertising, ads tend to change faster. We are always looking for something new & exciting.

Also, to grab the attention of the audience and to sit in the market chair, we need to break the typical approach and do something out of the box.

You might say why but this is what it means to market or promote your brand.

There are no rules when it comes to creative thinking in marketing, there are no boundaries, and no limitations, only unlimited options to explore.

Doing something unique will actually grab the attention of the audience and people will remember you for your extraordinary attempt to impress them, capture their attention, and delight them with something unusual.

A good example will be the types of marketing techniques we use to promote our brand.

For instance, this is one of my favourites, probably the best up till now, a very funny & effective way to promote.

Don’t forget to make it simple

In order to make it appealing and extraordinary, we tend to add so many elements that the message gets lost in the complication.

The key point to be noted while branding or promoting is the KISS rule. ‘Keep It Simple Silly’ the more you simplify and declutter things the better the outcome will be.

Don’t believe me? Pick up any famous brand and see what things they talk about, how they speak, and what they focus on?

Coming back to L’Oreal, if you’ll notice the only message they wish to promote is of pride and being worthy. Nothing else ever comes into the picture. Ever thought why?

Because “Simplicity is the key.”

Making it simple and to the point helps to communicate better. Not just in the communication, but also the design should be clear. The benefits? Well, for starters, it will help your brand to project a clear picture; the audience will understand better and will connect with it instantly.

Branding in Exhibition and Expo

Some businesses have a different approach when we speak of marketing trends, they most certainly do not over budget their advertising campaigns. Instead, they stand out with their brand promises through ways and means of exhibition or stall design or booth design. Exhibitions are the most favorable and cost effective solutions for instant brand promotion. Just like any marketing tool, some things should be considered while displaying your brand in expo or exhibition.

First and foremost is the arrangement of your brand value on the display panel. While you would like to focus more on what all should be expressed or communicated, going overboard can be a risky game to be played in an expo. Poor arrangement, cluttered design structure or an unattractive entrance is a big No-No for any display. Therefore, proper planning and structure will work wonders for your exhibition stall or trade show display. Analyse the branding space of your stall, make the most simplistic and equally balanced design.

A stall is a display space just like your office cabin or your room. Hence, what suits your office cabin interiors will definitely go for your stall. Thus, if your stall is small, keep the designs light coloured and precise. This will give a feeling of free space and airy. If however, if you have a long stall, fill it with multiple accessories and décor spaces to create a statement for your brand. Vertical arrangement for long stalls makes a simplistic décor.

To add to the effect, club your stall design with use of innovative display tools like fascia or logo embodiment and designs that pop out. Such techniques will add a status to your display thus making you stand out amongst others.
Apart from the look and feel, pay attention to the colour scheme of your stall. A brand is recognizable by mostly three attributes; the logo, the tagline and the brand colours representation your logo. While designing a layout or a colour scheme for your stall, look for colours that can match with your brand attributes. This will create a mark of your brand while at the exhibition as well as for the spectators.

Next, you need to understand is the presentation of your stall. The stall is set, the designs are done and the layout has been sort through. Now, the most important part is the compatible infrastructure for your stall. If you have to co-ordinate with your on-lookers keep a specific space assigned for it and design accordingly. Do not merge the layout of this space with that of your general brand design. This will ensure your on-lookers the special attention that require is appropriately dealt with.

Lighting is another part which must be considered in an exhibition stall. However, avoid the corner lightings or frame lightings when you are considering any exhibition stall. Light up your stall in the mid (which does not mean you ignore the corner pieces). The bright yellow lights are most preferred in the exhibition stalls as they create a flair of well-lit, structured and spacious display quarters.

Thus, with a perfect combination of lights, fabrication, accessories and colour technique you have a complete brand promotion display without trying too hard to look good.

5 Golden Rules for Exhibition

The off-season sales is a tedious task for any brand. May it be a well-known brand or just any upcoming lesser known brand; if there is no sales there is no survival. As opposed to the sales season, the lull market is a sign of using of various advertising tools. It is a myth that retails industries like jewellery, fashion, home décor are nowhere in the effective persona of a lull market. The economic conditions or the seasonal ups and down, however, make way for exhibitions, advertising and stall displays. Wherever you go, whichever is your business industry these five golden rules for any exhibition, stall or a trade show is a win-win to a little uplift for your sales.

Keep up the trend:
A simple mundane display in every exhibition or stall is rather outdated. True, the sizes and dimensions change as per the trade show; so, make a change in your product display style as well. Make a trendy variation according to the highlight of the then time.

Make a central piece:
Examine how your stall magnifies the customers and how much does a stall which has minimal display but a properly planned display inventory relates with its customer. Visually 
attractive displays attract more potential consumers and thus evolves a strong sense of familiarity with the brand.

Identify the product need:
Every exhibition is different, yet every exhibition is the same. Even if the exhibition differs, your product is meant for the same audience and has same objective. Try to change the highlights of the product as per your exhibition’s need.

Synchronize your marketing script:
The next important part for an exhibition is how well your package your stall or the product on the display. What is seen by the naked eye by your consumers is not the only thing of your product. A display will lack a wording, description or an educational sign. This is what a marketing or a sales script will suffice. Likewise, hire a marketing or an 
advertising agency that can identify these traits for your product. How well your sales team presents your product makes your product affable to your target audience. Therefore, make a synchronized system with the designs or layout you have finalized for your display.

Referral marketing:
This may seem a little amateur but keeping a ledger and adding referrals through display branding is a great way to create a database for future marketing. Expose a customer to maximum benefits; this will create a belonging sense to the customer thus making them habitual with your brand even before the display show.

Thus when it comes for an exhibition or a display stall, you could showcase lifestyle graphics that help customers associate to your products. For example, a real estate stall could display an image of a family cozied up the living room, emitting the happy feelings that put shoppers in a good mood.

A jewelry store could display a woman cherishing her bond with the jewelry, creating an association between the store’s jewelry and a habitual brand.

The Interconnection between Design and Marketing

For any agency, Design and marketing are two sides of the same coin. There is good design and then there is a design that fits well in all marketing parameters. However aesthetically good the design maybe, if it fails to achieve its goal or desired outcome then it is of no good to the brand.
It’s very important for any designer to understand the aim of the design before he/she gets going on the given task. The framework of designing is research. Understanding the product well, researching about it and deeply understanding the consumer behavior, their likes –dislikes is the ideal process that should be followed. If you don’t understand your target audience how will you deliver your message and get desired outcome.

In such cases, agencies play a very vital role in deciding the fortune of the brand. Just satisfying the brand aesthetically doesn’t work. The agency needs to have expertise in 
marketing the brandwell than just artistically designing creative’s for them. At the end of the day, the emphasize is on the outcome of the creative. The difference in work lies between two agencies again ie a creative ad agency & a brand design agency.
A creative ad agency would work to please you through a beautiful ad but a brand design agency would work to not create good but an effective ad or marketing collaterals for the brand. By an effective ad I mean an ad that strategically create good brand value and reaches the right audience at the right place. Analysis and strategy together take a good design long way. Creating a good design with the correct content but not placing it in front of the correct audience is an extreme wrong way of marketing.
For eg. Marketing a luxurious hand bag brand at local Bus Stand
A mechanical spare part producer putting up an ad in a beauty and lifestyle magazine, is a severe case of marketing disaster.
The idea behind any marketing collateral design should be reaching its target audience. So a deep thought should be given about its target audiences, their whereabouts. In fact in print media ie in the highly read newspaper also, placing your advert strategically is very important. Placing a leisure trip advert on a city crime page is a blunder.
One such unfortunate thing seemed to happen in today’s Newspaper. Negligence of the agency let to the downfall of the advertisement and eventually the brand.
Right side advert of a Travel agency unfortunately placed right next to a crime article that states city’s fraud travel agent that duped money from its customer and denied them basic facilities like food on the vacation.
A case of sheer carelessness by the agency of placing a leisure travel companies ad on a city news crime sheet. Lack of strategy and research work leads to such unfortunate disasters. The agency designed a good ad but failed to strategically place it.
At Optimist Brand Design we understand the brand needs and hence work accordingly. We are the top brand design company, advertising agency and Digital marketing agency in Pune.

The best way to come and maintain first page listings

Often people know the basics of digital marketing and generalize as the kings of SEO. However, as fast you come up, equally fast can you be graveled into the heap of newer websites competing for your space. The following article will help you in accelerating the best ways in SEO Tools.

1. It’s a known fact, that the website should be optimized and always upgraded. But, many do not understand how to proceed or how to be upgraded with the same. Constantly updating website text can cost you your position very badly. Instead you need to focus more on adding content every now and then. Although adding content does not mean only the website content. Keep a strong check on the targeted keywords, and accordingly updated your articles, blogs and directory submissions over them.

2. Upgrading your digital presence is not as easy as the internet makes it look. The first step onto upgrading your digital presence happens when you start working on optimizing your websiteaccording to the search engine. The crucial part for the digital presence is the Search Engine Optimization.

3. Content marketing is another help that can entice good search engine optimization. Not only does it help in gaining good digital marketing but also generates good content value for your website. Articles on your business, enticing blog posts, comparative posts enables good content marketing. Focused paragraphs, to the point content enhances the in-depth coverage of keywords that are able to help for keeping up with website on Page 1.

4. Establishing new trends of technology is an old trick but it still works wonders digitally. Starting up anything that has good PR value can make your business go viral. Keeping the content short and simple enhances the content value your business/ product might need for digital marketing.

5. Hire an agency that has its expertise in this field. A second hand opinion is the best neutral opinion that is needed for beneficial digital presence. With the new trends and new strategies working continuously, will make best practices for digital marketing your business/product.

6. Improve your directory submission, article submissions. Nowadays, hundreds of new sites are born and you get variety of scope to make sure of keeping your website on page 1. With more and more submissions, you can make sure that website will be best visible on Page 1.

7. Rigorous work on keyword research and keyword optimization enables more work on the content. More work on content makes your website more Google friendly. Proper headings, focused topics related with the service is the next key into keeping up with website presence.

With these basic tips, you can make sure that the SEO generation for your website will always be optimum. There are many different agencies that specifically work in this particular field. Different agencies with new strategies can enable more rigorous brand presence digitally.

How images help in advertising

Advertising is ways and means of reaching to the right customer through unique and creative message sharing. Different modes of advertising dates back to 18 century. Advertising most certainly is promoted because of target customers. The classic want of demand and supply has led this field to evolve and materialize in broader perspective. Who are the advertising people and what exactly happens when making and ad? May it be graphic design, digital ad or any other mode of communicating the message to the right audience, here are some major factors that come in action when advertisers are set to promote or propagate a product/service.

Everybody knows the main food and fodder of any ad is specifically the product it wishes to enhance. Other than that the second most important part for an ad is the mode of the message it needs to communicate. Image speaks louder than 1000 words, is the golden rule which every marketer has adopted. With respect to these images, there are certain unsaid rules and factors that an advertising agency works with.

Communication Capability: What an ad wants to convey, and what the product needs to convey should always be synchronized. When selecting an image, the designer or the visualizer has already made his mind into what kind of image is needed. The first and foremost factor for this is the message does the image is portraying.

Potent Target Group: Another selecting factor for an image is the target group. An ad must initiate a connect with the rightful audience. If you want to promote a mediocre, local product and use a luxurious rich lady, then the ad will miss the point of communication. Such an ad will be a total failure.

Immediate response to the Image:Once the communication is set, the target group is set another selection scenario needed for an image to qualify is the perception it ascertains through itself. What is the immediate response the image is trying to convey, will enhance the selection of that particular photo/image. Another sub-qualifying factor is does the image communicate dual meanings? If so, are both meanings as per our need. Once, the designer or visualizer is satisfied with the answer to these questions, an image is selected.

Instant connect to local population: If you might have noticed, an ad reflects an instant connect when the people or things that are photographed relate to us. So if you are a young college going student, definitely a mid-aged guy will not connect to you. Instead a young dynamic and enthusiastic model will definitely pull you over to its product. Based on this principles as well, celebrity endorsements are reflected as well. So when a traditional jeweler is launched, a well-dressed and simplistic model appeals the most.

Also, with respect to availability of images most ad agencies accumulate their stock with bulk buying of images. This should not be the deciding factor. Many a times, this system works but not at all times. The main factor of the ad is the product they need to promote, not the image that is to be used. Most certainly foreign images, foreign videos are cost effective but not ad worthy. Ad agencies should understand this and accordingly decide the image.

Location: Location matters the most. If the ad is released in Maharashtra, and all the personified images are either dark complexioned are wearing suits or dhoti, that ad will never relate to the local audience. The dressing style, small factors are complexion, way of attire, hand gestures etc. are some of the vital elements of an image. These things mark the significance for the ad. Accordingly, the image must be selected.

Although, some of the major deciding factors for an image are the above mentioned ones, they are altered as per the need of the product/service an ad wants to promote. Apart from them, image consumerism has become a vital part of advertising. Many ad agencies based in Pune, Maharashtra follow these basic principles while designing an advertisement. Whether the ad may be digital, print or outdoor the vital part of it is this very image that communicates everything creatively.

New ways to upgrade your website

  1. Over the last decade, websites have gained broader perspective. From generic information sharing about the product/ service to interact with the rightful customer without knocking on their doors to increase business , website  has become a new tool of online marketing. Of course, to add to this upkeep, social media has encouraged their own talent into the new way of marketing. So what exactly happens when designing a website? Here are some trending tactics that have changed the designing aspects of websites.
  2. The most and foremost hot topic is responsive websites. As the 21st century has developed, technology keeps a front foot in every scenario. Think of anything, and the first thing comes in your mind is the technology. May it be food, FMCG, or even a bottle gathering business; all are run by the most upgraded technological support. So what exactly is responsive web designing? Responsive as the word suggests, means something that responds. So a website that is responsive means it responds to most certain gadgets it is being explored onto. Every gadget has their own operational aspect. Interacting with those aspects, and keeping the website as is in every gadget is what happens. Therefore, what happens in responsive websites is that how much ever the resolution your website opens out to be exactly the same in and around the world.
  3. GIFs and videos are highly interactive. Experimentation and minimalism is the new hot in website designing. GIFs, videos, typography are all different scenarios of this latest trend. GIF or Videos are mostly used of corporate and professional websites. They say engage more with story doing rather than story telling. As much GIFs, live imagery and real data is portrayed in the websites more is the ratio of your users keeping up to your websites. With these latest new and newer trends, the evolution of graphic designers to website designers has in fact added the design world with more prospects.
  4. Minimalism and micro minimalism has set a new level of website designing. As much minimalistic you try to keep your website, the more engaging it becomes. The best example of this latest trend in Netflix. It has concentrated more on the data projection than complicated and cluttered UI for that matter. Many Indian companies have jumped into this trend and recommend their clients for minimal website designs. Optimist Brand Design, an ad agency that specialises in this trend has made more than 70 websites with this approach. Their idea is simple, they are more into concentrating on mobile first and rest all later. With the correct research and user tendency studies, website designing has changed the paradigm completely, thus changed the brand presence digitally.
  5. To sum up, website and its designing has changed drastically. As much the technology has evolved so has the working and designing of digital collaterals evolved. Marking your digital presence has become significant. It has become a way of marketing with the next most thing in the branding hierarchy.

Optimist -Top registered ad agency in Pune

  • What is an ad agency?
  • How is a marketing company different from an ad agency?
  • How would you choose an ad agency that will be reliable, trustworthy and result oriented?
  • What we do @ Optimist, Pune

Anybody can have any of these questions in their mind or even all of these questions.

First of all, let’s start by answering these questions.

What is an ad agency?

An ad agency is a company who deals with product promotion, sales rise and innovative marketing techniques brought in front of its clients’ clients. So, if someone is having a business of water purifier, an ad agency can make their product hear and see for their audience. This is a simple ideation, right?

How marketing company differ from an ad agency?

Now next doubt has been left unanswered. So the main difference between a marketing agency and ad agency is that a marketing agency rakes their brain into giving you brief ideas about bringing your product/service into the light of your target group.

Now, how these ideas and strategies must be executed in detail is the bread and butter of an ad agency. So if the water purifier company wants to showcase their product and the marketing agency has implemented a strategy of reaching to different vendors and distributors; an agency works on how they should promote their product in front of these people and in turn how these people must convey the basis of this product to their direct customers.

This settled, once you try and research for different ad agencies in the market you will find stacked up under a pile of many different kinds of ad agencies that boast different kinds of specialty.With this confusion in mind, it might happen that you might end up hiring an ad agency that you have absolutely no idea about.

How would you choose an ad agency that will be reliable, trustworthy and result oriented?

Just like any product/service in market  has some standards set out, even the companies have been enlisted as per the market standards. So, when you look for an ad agency, better look for an agency that has been enlisted amongst these standards. Registered agencies are the top most of these lines, next come the trademarked agencies that are still levelling up to these standards while there are many who have opened up for business.

Optimist Advertising, Pune

What we do @ Optimist, Pune

Of many such agencies in Pune, Optimist Brand Design is amongst the top rated registered ad agency that formulates different creative techniques to make any product, brand or service a concise result oriented  campaign.

If you are looking for making your product or service into a brand, you should definitely work with the registered ad agencies like Optimist Brand Design. Their youth centric approach, innovative techniques and fresh-minded strategies have generated many businesses into a brand. If otherwise, you already have a brand and are looking for brand loyalty promotion Optimist Brand Design is the one way you should go forward with.

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SEO is must for every web property

Search engine optimization or SEO is a way to optimize your website so that search engines will understand it better and give you higher rankings.

It is important since a good SEO approach can drive more traffic to your website, blog or on-line store and gain more customers, make sales and fulfil your business purpose.

Why should Invest in SEO?

SEO is a must for every web property

  • It  works
    Major and main, the techniques engaged to improve SEO still work. Even though data about organic traffic from Google was pulled fairly recently, the techniques themselves remain sound. As long as you are concentrating on best user experience while performing methodical SEO policies, you will be rewarded with higher positioning and organic traffic.
  • It is not going to stop working any time soon
    Based on the way search engines appear to be developing, it is not likely that SEO will cease to be effective any time in the probable future. On some level, even audio and video searches ultimately depend on keywords the same as traditional text-based content; this link ensures the continued success of SEO techniques as long as it exists.
  • It is cost-effective
    Compared to the costs associated with other forms of online marketing such as 
    PPC advertising, social media marketing, or obtaining leads for an email marketing program, SEO provides fairly good ROI. While PPC may drive more revenue and social media may be more important for your image, your organic SEO in many ways remains a heart of your online presence.
  • Search engines snatching more market stake
    Somewhere between 80-90% of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase, and this number is only expected to increase. It won’t be long before virtually everyone is searching for products and services online. Do you want them to be able to locate your business, or not?  Without organic SEO in place, people will have a very hard time finding you and will instead find your competitors.
  • Rise of mobile bandwidth and local search optimization
    Now the amount of traffic delivered to mobile devices is expected to exceed that delivered to traditional desktop devices. With this dramatic explosion in mobile usage, a whole new world of effective SEO techniques have opened up for companies, such as local search optimization.
  • Not having a healthy content, profile is damaging
    With each and every update to its search algorithm, Google and other engines change the way they look at websites. Things which didn’t exist a few years ago, such as social media indicators, are now given fairly high standing in terms of their impact on your rankings. Not building a healthy content profile spread out months and years is potentially damaging to your business, as it is one of the factors Google evaluates when looking at your site.
  • Your competitors are doing it
    Remember, SEO is a never-ending process, a website which tracks and ranks the efficacy and service of many of the nation’s leading SEO providers. If you’re not moving forward and improving your position, you’re losing ground to a competitor who is. That’s a simple fact of how the process works.  Don’t let your competitors outrank you by ignoring this valuable tool for your business.

Investing in organic SEO is more important now than ever before, despite the current difficulty everyone finds themselves facing regarding the lack of organic keyword data and traffic. Your business definitely needs to have an SEO strategy in place if you are interested in succeeding in terms of online marketing; it remains one of the single most important components of any organization’s branding efforts and online presence.

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