Guru – The Undying Source of Life

Creative vector Illustration for the Day Of Honoring Celebration Guru Purnima.

Everybody has a special person in their life that enlightens, encourages and mesmerizes them. That person is valued and has earned respect. This person is the reason we are what we are today. He is the source of wisdom, the light of inspiration, the pillar of support. The person we are talking about is a ‘Guru’.

A guru/ teacher bear a very important and special role in our lives. Throughout our journey, we are surrounded by them. If we just have a look at the people around us we might understand that we are nothing without them.

We do not need a typical classroom to find them; we might meet them on a regular basis and still could be unaware of the influence they make on us.

Take childhood, for instance, the very first teacher that we come across is our mother. She is the one who teaches us how to walk or in your case, it might be a father, grandmother, grandfather or mentor. It is because of their investments we learn to walk, talk, eat, behave and etc.

When we start our schooling, we meet our intelligence mentors/ gurus. These are the ones who take extra care and give us enormous attention. It doesn’t matter which teacher in school taught us what, but they taught something. Even a drawing teacher can be an inspiration. You learn something from them; you admire them with all your heart and never forget them.

It may be the physics teacher that might be the best mentor. He might only teach physics but might become your best friend, might become the person in whom you find solace. There might be a lot to share and learn from them, besides the subject they teach or it can be a person who doesn’t teach anything at all.

 Meanwhile, at home, it might be the grandfather who is your guru. He might be the one who inspires the most and you wish to follow or become like him. It might be his one particular habit that you wish to indulge.  It might be the habit of being punctual or the habit of presenting things; you never know what quality might enlighten that you wish to absorb it.

Moving ahead, it might be the boss that becomes the source of inspiration. You might learn various things form him just be spending 10-15 minutes. You might get blown away by the way he treats people or the way he handles things or the way he tackles every problem. The beauty of getting inspired by people is the change comes automatically, without anyone forcing you to change.

Our point is irrespective of your location, age, position, etc. there are people who will inspire you to the core. You will learn something from them, every single day. They might have different habits, some good some bad, different physical appearances, they might speak different languages, have different views or even have different roles in your life to play but they will remain your guru forever.

They end up leaving a mark on our lives. These are the true gurus in our lives those make a difference in us.To the spirit of gurus, whoever you are and in whatever role you might enter our lives you are truly an inspiration to us!

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