Branding & Advertising – Breaking the stereotypes

Branding creates an identity of your brand and creates its personality. It helps your brand to stand out in the market and connects the audience with your brand.

Defining ways, following guidelines and creating something amazing is known as branding. At least many people call it branding. People believe what they see; they follow what others are doing. You see, it’s a very influential process.

But then, the main question remains, are we doing it right?

If looked upon, there are surplus ways in which we can promote/market our brand. After all, it’s all about the promotions, right?

Speaking truly, we can say a brand has few characteristics, attitudes, behaviours, and projections. And an amalgamation of these gives us a brand. Sculpted from every angle and refined in every step, branding is a meticulous process which leads to a simplified solution.

Talking about simplified solutions for branding, we have a knack to do the same. In fact, people always tend to do the same. Once they see someone’s success story, they tend to copy it. Why? Because it worked for them; it gave them results, popularity, identity, so we think it will work for us as well.

But there is one thing that we forget, “What a brand wants is totally different from what we give.” Just because it worked for some other brand, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Understand how your brand works, what it needs and what are we doing with it. It’s not rocket science; it’s quite simple if we have the vision to see beyond. 

For seeing beyond, we have to consider things as they really are. Understand why they exist and then take a call on what should be done.

Every Brand has its own attitude.

Ever wondered why a brand projects itself in a particular way? Why L’Oreal only speaks on the feelings of pride & worth and not on getting fairer?

Why does surf excel speak on ‘daag acche hai’ and not on affordable washing solutions?

Because it is the way it projects itself in the market; it is the way they choose to communicate and connect. But this does not mean that they don’t care about the excellent washing results or be the ultimate washing product in the market. They only choose a way to do that, and that’s simple, by choosing an attitude.

Defining an attitude helps the brand to place itself in front of the audience with confidence. And everybody likes confidence; it gives them security.

When branding, one must understand the needs of a brand along with its attitude. This indeed will lead to a much-simplified solution. 

Break the stereotypes

Another habit that we developed while branding is continuing what has been done previously.

Why? Just because it worked last time doesn’t mean it will work every time.

When medicines can have an expiry date then why not trends?

It’s a fast moving world where things change in the blink of an eye, technology evolves instantly and time is not an issue anymore.

And in the field of advertising, ads tend to change faster. We are always looking for something new & exciting.

Also, to grab the attention of the audience and to sit in the market chair, we need to break the typical approach and do something out of the box.

You might say why but this is what it means to market or promote your brand.

There are no rules when it comes to creative thinking in marketing, there are no boundaries, and no limitations, only unlimited options to explore.

Doing something unique will actually grab the attention of the audience and people will remember you for your extraordinary attempt to impress them, capture their attention, and delight them with something unusual.

A good example will be the types of marketing techniques we use to promote our brand.

For instance, this is one of my favourites, probably the best up till now, a very funny & effective way to promote.

Don’t forget to make it simple

In order to make it appealing and extraordinary, we tend to add so many elements that the message gets lost in the complication.

The key point to be noted while branding or promoting is the KISS rule. ‘Keep It Simple Silly’ the more you simplify and declutter things the better the outcome will be.

Don’t believe me? Pick up any famous brand and see what things they talk about, how they speak, and what they focus on?

Coming back to L’Oreal, if you’ll notice the only message they wish to promote is of pride and being worthy. Nothing else ever comes into the picture. Ever thought why?

Because “Simplicity is the key.”

Making it simple and to the point helps to communicate better. Not just in the communication, but also the design should be clear. The benefits? Well, for starters, it will help your brand to project a clear picture; the audience will understand better and will connect with it instantly.

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