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Sattvikan Cafe

Satvikan is a satvik food brand located near Iskcon Temple. They brought a healthy and delicious twist to the usual recipes and aimed to instill a health conscious eating culture in public.


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To align the internal environment, brand collaterals, with the ideals of Satvikan and what they’re pursuing, and attract customers of all ages.


We used the interior to emphasize our message and importance of Satvik food and also to educate the layman on how these simple, alternate recipes can benefit their health. Not only that, but we also promoted Satvikan’s benefits and seamlessly married the two in interior design. The look was designed to attract people of all ages with trendy, relevant colors, and fun and informational messaging. We made their logo, menu, danglers, packaging, wayboards, hoardings, and more. We also designed the stall for an event attracting a slew of people to experience Satvikan.

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