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By focusing on making a positive experience of beauty accessible to all women, Dove is addressing the traditional beauty industry’s shortcomings in catering to a diverse range of women. This message resonates with consumers who are increasingly seeking brands that align with their values and beliefs. Dove’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity has helped the brand build a loyal following and become a leader in the beauty industry.

Dove's initiatives to promote body positivity and self-confidence have had a positive impact on women's mental health and well-being.


A brand mission is a guiding principle that shapes a brand’s strategy, culture, and customer interactions. It outlines the brand’s reason for existence, defines its unique value proposition, and aligns its actions with its desired impact on the world.


A compelling brand mission helps build trust between the company and its audience. When customers feel that a company shares their values and has a higher purpose beyond just selling products or services, they are more likely to trust and support that company.


The brand mission of a business is identified by distilling the answers to questions like What values does the business stand for? What problems does it aim to solve? What kind of impact does it want to make?

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