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Brand identity is your brand's signature - create one that is authentic, memorable, and timeless.

A strong and distinctive brand identity will always speak first and louder for your brand before you do.

Typography can greatly impact a brand’s visual identity, as it reflects the brand’s personality, tone, and messaging through font and design.

Typography plays a crucial role in branding and design. It refers to the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed.

Typography encompasses various aspects, such as font style, size, weight, line spacing, and kerning. These elements can affect the readability and tone of the text and evoke different emotions in the viewer. A carefully chosen font can create a sense of personality, convey professionalism or playfulness, and contribute to the overall aesthetic of a brand.

The typeface used in a brand’s logo can also become instantly recognizable and contribute to brand recognition. It is crucial to maintain consistency in typography across all marketing materials to establish a cohesive and memorable visual identity.

Why does typography matters?

Typography is a crucial element in design and branding, as it can have a significant impact on the overall message and visual identity of a brand. It matters because it can make or break the success of a brand or design, and it is essential to approach typography with careful consideration and attention to detail.

How to find a suitable typography?

To find a suitable typography for a brand, consider the brand’s values, target audience, and message. Look for fonts that reflect the brand’s personality and tone. Test different options for readability and legibility, and ensure consistency in typography across all marketing materials.


"Typography is what language looks like." - Ellen Lupton

Typography is an important tool for brands to differentiate themselves andcreate a strong visual identity. Whether it’s by creating a custom typeface, choosing a typeface that reflects their values, or creating a consistent visual language, typography plays a crucial role in helping brands stand out in a crowded marketplace.