For Ashure, we strategized a compelling brand identity that epitomizes safety and security in the corporate world.


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We have heard of policies and software that take action against workplace harassment. But, exactly how many of them are successful enough to offer justice to the victims? Does the long-time span to process the incident do justice to the victims? That’s where Ashure jumped in! For Optimist, Ashure’s brand identity is one of the finest projects that we showcase with pride, owing to the brand’s purpose. We designed a brand identity that stood for every woman’s safety in the workplace. Our team envisioned a brand that assured every woman that there is a possibility of absolute righteousness and empowered her integrity.

ashure logo 1

Logo Inspiration

The concept behind the logo was to depict the assurance that Ashure offers via creating a shield for every woman. It ensures the prevention of future indecent activities at any workplace. Moreover, the tick mark represents reliability and gains the trust of the customer. The overall logo creates a persona of a human, reflecting that Ashure is made for people’s sanity.

ashure logo
ashure logo inspiration
ashure logo presentation

Brand Colours




ashure mockup
ashure business card
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We created a sophisticated and simplistic logo with the initials of the brand name to give a trendy appearance on all platforms.


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