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Over-night success is now possible. Yes, absolutely possible. Via content marketing. Brands are seen as personalities wherein winning the customers heart is the topmost priority. Amidst the competition, getting noticed or standing out has been challenging than ever. But with content marketing, brands have an opportunity to express themselves, or spread the message they want their audiences to know. A well-planned content strategy has the capability to make the brand a sensation in just a matter of time. No matter the content, blog posts, long or short videos, podcasts etc. consumers love to consume something new, fresh, & intriguing.

The Co-relation of Brand Building & Content Marketing

Content marketing helps to establish a connection between the brand & its target audience. It not only spreads awareness to a huge audience, but also helps in distributing good material content. The content types like blog articles, podcasts & social media posts are used to communicate with the audience. These avenues impart audience engagement & it also acts as a reminder as continuous content gets published. The objective behind it is to nurture the brand-customer relationship as it also helps to build a higher brand equity.

How content marketing molds a brand?

  1. Sets the brand’s ethos:
    The ethos of a brand depicts the brand’s principles about the consumer & their idea of growth. The language, tone, style, & the message passed on in the content shows the consistency. A brand needs to be consistent & conscious of their vision, mission & tone to engage the audience while spreading awareness too. Thoughtful content wherein the users will unknowingly engage is a skill to master, which many of the brands have already. Some of the giant brands like Apple or Nike have mastered the online content game.

  2. Nurtures customer engagement:
    As people’s attention span is low, hooking them in the first 4 to 5 seconds has become a daunting task. But, it also cannot be denied that engaging content draws in engagement like anything. Interactive content especially drives engagement makes customers feel valued & wanted. Also, when Online Reputation Management (ORM) is well-implemented, the brand can upsurge exceptionally well.

  3. Creates brand recall:
    Consistency, trend following, & hitting the right chord are some of the main components of gaining brand recall. For eg. If you’re an e-commerce brand owner, crafting impeccable visual social media content, intriguing or witty push notifications, & newer product updations on social media or via push notifications, in an appealing manner will boost engagement rate gradually. It also increases brand recall as constant reminders cause a prospect to try the product/service offered by you. It is a long-term process. A well-crafted content strategy ensures brand awareness at all times.

  4. Demonstrate social responsibility:
    This includes the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign of an organization. It is an excellent opportunity for every organization to give back to the society via their CSR initiative. Companies often take initiatives like sponsoring education or providing vocational jobs to the underprivileged sections, initiate the cleaning of water bodies nearby their locations or providing the necessary treatment to the weaker sections of the society who suffer from illnesses like cancer & so on. Such initiatives pass on messages of being aware & being responsible of society & impart value in people’s lives.

Content: The Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy:

The online presence is enhanced when a content marketing strategy is crafted well. It helps to come up with many more interesting digital marketing strategies to bring in more engagement that will again spread brand awareness. Content marketing can also be said as the research stage, because as a brand, you’re trying to identify what type of content is working & which isn’t. The one that isn’t working, you sit & brainstorm newer ideas with your team & again try to implement the same. So, it is an on-going research process.

Let’s see why content marketing has become the go-to-market strategy lately:

  1. Create a brand persona:
    A brand is not merely a logo, name or a color. It’s much more than that. It’s a lifestyle. Established brands have been successful in marketing their values to people. They have painted a picture in the minds of customers of who they are, what drives them, & their brand values which have shaped a persona into the market. The persona should be around the nature of the products/services you offer. 

  2. Boost website traffic:
    A person serious about his digital marketing efforts knows the importance of the need of good content. Ideal & effective content is the foundation of organic search & the best way to drive more traffic to your website. As & when valuable content is posted consistently on the internet, Google gets your website ranking higher.

  3. Drive more sales:
    Overarching the elements present in a website is good, but content is equally essential. Content that provides value will be engaging & will drive more sales. As consumer notices products into the market that exist to solve their problems, they start to get interested in it. Once a product/service used, if it is appealing, then the customer will turn to the brand & become loyal in no time. Also, via implementing some digital marketing strategies, the sales figures can be increased.

  4. Better customer service:
    You can also excel at customer service via content marketing. You can give answers to small questions in your blogs by guiding consumers on how to sign up, how to use a product/service or any other informational content. You may also post FAQs in regard to your product/service. This gives your team also to deal better with customers & know their desires & views about the product in detail.

  5. Get established as a thought leader:
    This is the stage when customers are quite aware about your brand. As compared to advertising, content marketing allows you to build authority as it is the time now to share the deeper insights that you’re aware about your product/service & the industry. At this point in time, you can start a podcast based on various topics. You can call various maestros of the industry upon your podcast show & interview them & publish this on your social media handles or video streaming platforms.


The role of content marketing is indeed imperative in today’s digital sphere. Consistency & value addition are the key components to follow when content is the aim. It not only attracts newer customers but it also retains the existing customers, and for those who have started noticing your brand, it is a good brand recall for them. An important aspect in this is to target the right audience when implementing the digital marketing strategies. Never forget, content is king, afterall!