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Brand-building is synonymous to brand awareness. It is a thoughtful process wherein a target audience needs to be shown a solution to a particular problem. It is a direct advertising process to promote your product & raise awareness. A brand is like a human being. An individual takes birth, grows up, gets formally educated, starts a personal life & a professional life, nurtures & takes care of the family till retirement. Same is with a brand. A brand strategy is required to be built, nurtured via strategies & trends, marinate yourself into the brand strategy & see the magic.

Why a brand strategy is needed in the first place?

A brand strategy is how you depict yourself into the market. It is all about the brand positioning techniques you use in the formative stages & later on too. The target audience segmentation plays a key role as the sales figures hugely depend on it. After cracking the right target audience segmentation a lot things fall in place. A brand strategy is needed to:

Sustainable branding visual showcasing eco-friendly branding strategies
  1. Define your brand’s purpose:
    Take into thought how your brand’s core mission aligns with your customers’ needs. Customers have some aspirations which are tricky to crack while aligning with your brand’s purpose. Research about different aspects of you brand, who you want to cater to, and what problem your brand aims to solve. Get the answer to the simple question: Why do you exist in the market? This is also said as the brand identity development stage. This is one of the most important steps into your brand strategy.

  2. Create your “brand universe:
    Keep an aim of providing the best customer experience to customers. Via logos, brand visuals, and social media, a brand should be able to enter the customer’s psyche. By seeing the color scheme & logos, customers should immediately make out the brand name, such should be the impact. Your brand strategy should revolve around establishing a brand universe.

  3. To gain loyalty:
    A special trait about humans is they don’t know how to say no on the face. Via a phone call or email it’s pretty easy. An emotional bond with the customers is imperative & they’re more likely to stick with you. All your marketing efforts take a positive turn when you have a foothold in the hearts & minds of the customers.

Steps to build a successful brand strategy:

  1. Study your target audience & your competitors:
    An analysis for your target audience, demographics, likes, dislikes, tastes & fashion, all of it must be taken into account. At the same time research about what your competitors are doing, & what ideas of theirs are working. Conducting a survey like circulating a questionnaire among your friends & relatives can be a primary action. Going through social media posts, designs and the engagement rate of competitors can help you gain insights.

  2. Ideate your brand’s persona:
    This is how people look at your brand from their own perspective. A lot of it depends on how you’ve formulated the product. The logo, color schemes, your brand message & the feel of your brand are crucial elements in it. While formulating your brand persona, you need a unique value proposition.

  3. Create a distinctive brand logo:
    A brand logo is one of the most important visual element of your brand. A logo defines your brand in many ways. A unique but recognizable brand logo formulates a foundation of your brand identity & helps to grab attention of people. A brand logo should be considered as the face of your company. People should be able to memorize it at just a glimpse of it.

  4. Think of a brand layout:
    A brand layout is all about the visual elements included. With the digital space being more crowded than ever many brands strive hard to be a key differentiator. This is where creativity & experience comes in. To aptly represent a brand’s layout, its values, color schemes, logo shapes & the overall layout should be cracked well.

  5. Craft a brand story:
    Apply your branding strategy by aligning it to different marketing channels to educate people about your company’s values. A brand story tells a people a story with facts & evokes the required emotion in them. Your mission & brand purpose need to be clear when crafting a brand story.

How brand sustainability works?

The sustainability of a brand is to consider a business practice’s effect on the environment, economy & society as a whole. The brand sustainability concept is synonymous to corporate social responsibility. Organizations often think about giving back to the society and creating a lasting impact on people, our planet & profits.

4 Tips to make your brand sustainable

  1. Understanding Customer Expectations :
    Surveying is the most common method of getting to know the customer expectations. Try to put these expectations into your brands message. As you pass on consistent brand messaging with the customers’ expectations in it, the brand starts to become more accepted. While promoting your brand on social media or elsewhere the customer instantly gets hooked to it as he/she relates to it.

  2. Build an eco-conscious supply chain:
    A supply chain consumes a lot of natural resources that causes damage to the environment. Startups these days are taking up green initiatives to save the planet from getting destroyed.

  3. Make sustainability the spine of the project:
    While speaking of sustainability, startup founders should have it in mind that it is a long process. It doesn’t happen in just one project. Regaining & maintaining people’s confidence on to the brand is necessary. For eg. A food brand can use eco-friendly packaging material, inform customers about the procurement process & how the ingredients are healthy for them. This can be one of the brand differentiation strategies to follow.

  4. Make use of renewable energy:
    Using some of renewable energy whether a warehouse, factory, office or a storefront is an appreciable way for creating an eco-friendly business. Wind, solar, or hydro energy are sources of renewable energy that an entrepreneur can implement in his/her business to save the environment.


A brand strategy pushes you towards success. A strong brand cannot be formulated overnight. It takes a lot of strategizing & keeping up with the trends to increase the sales figures. It is very crucial for the survival of any enterprise. Crafting a brand strategy can help you revitalize your brand image & tackle daily operations in a better manner.