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Branding through Packaging Design - A Pertinent Synthesis

packaging design

As much as branding constitutes several soft skilled characteristics of the commercial establishment, its descendant in every arm of product and serviceability channels is essential. Let’s consider that a brand is offering products. The marketability depends on the overall flow- from product development to consumption. In this flow, one important aspect is evident and that is packaging design. The product development phase is surely the genesis but the aftermath shouldn’t be taken for granted.

“Packaging design is the tangible form of depicting your brand’s philosophy and letting customers ‘consume’ your serviceability…”

As much creativity is involved in the aftermath i.e. creative packaging. The product packaging design is implemented on the core principles of the brand. Creative packaging isn’t just making the product placement and handling, fun; but creating an entire intuitive strategy with consideration of brand and consumers’ psychology. Remember that through package design, consumers are able to feel, realise and experience your brand.

Package Design Concept

‘Package’ is the material and resources that contains your product. Packaging design is the process that allows your packaging to fulfil a wide range of functions from a mere sales perspective. It has to be basically functional, holding your product, easily transported and stored. Aesthetically, it needs to stand out from your competitors’ packaging in some way and appeal to customers in-store and online.

While you need to depict the brand’s values in some manner, it also needs to convey essential information/specifications/ highlights about your product. There are three types of packaging, all with different functionality and design-Primary Packaging – holds your product, Secondary Packaging – outer packaging for display, on-shelf storage & for protection during transport -and -Tertiary Packaging – combining multiple packages for storing and logistics, typically seen in warehouses. Taking the time to build a thoughtful and detailed visual description of your brand will help you explore what best resonates with your business in all visual aspects.

Package Design Concept

Branding and packaging design is the pertinent synthesis of two major settings. One which is comprehensive and the other is aesthetical. As mentioned earlier, when we say a brand’s philosophy should be integrated into packaging design- we mean the logo, language, colour [shade & tonality], icons and ergonomics of creative packaging. For an instance- if a brand has adopted sustainability then the package shall not be environmentally hazardous and rather, must adopt sustainable packaging. Also, if the brand decides to neutralise its carbon footprint then its packaging design shall not be a pro-carbon manufacturing process.

Considerate packaging is a level up where every attribute of packaging design is in-line with the brand’s values and biodiversity. For example, there are way too many package designs where the actual products are significantly small than the overall packaging. These unnecessary bits of excessive package material serve no purpose [not considering safety purpose] and such activity is alarming for sustainability and ultimately hinders brand identity. A brand identity is lifelong and not something that should be changed regularly for momentary reflexes. A consistent brand image through creative packaging design can establish your credibility.

So there it is, branding through packaging design has been the best tool and technique in achieving direct connection to consumers and this synthesis will only exceed exponentially with marketable ideologies and creative ingenuity.