Crafting visually striking designs and adhering to Bridgestone’s branding standards by infusing creativity into their internal communications.


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Bridgestone approached us with a distinctive challenge they have been facing within their cross-functional teams. Specifically, the Human Resources (HR) team expressed the need for a more creative approach to communication with their employees. The issue lay in the absence of visually compelling content, hindering the impact of their messages. Recognizing the importance of maintaining brand consistency, Team Optimist meticulously reviewed Bridgestone’s existing brand guidelines to ensure alignment. Leveraging the expertise of our design team, we embarked on an innovative collaboration to address this challenge. Through a series of brainstorming sessions and creative exploration, we developed a range of visually striking designs. These designs not only adhered to Bridgestone’s branding standards but also infused creativity into their internal communications. As a result, the HR team was able to effectively engage with a wider audience within the office, fostering stronger connections and enhancing overall communication effectiveness.

This commitment to uniformity not only enhances brand recognition but also fosters trust and loyalty among consumers, as they encounter a seamless brand experience regardless of the channel or medium. By adhering to strict brand standards, we strengthen Croma’s identity and reinforce its positioning in the market, ultimately driving sustained brand growth and resonance with its audience.

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We leveraged our branding expertise to uphold Croma’s brand guidelines, ensuring consistent messaging across all mediums, and fostering trust.


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From ingenious environmental branding, and product catalogues, to social media creatives, we ensured 360-degree marketing and branding that strictly followed the brand guidelines.