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What's in the blanks of the above that makes brand advertising so trendy these days?

The rapid pace of change in Indian advertising mirrors swift technological and cultural shifts amongst youthful consumers. Marketers strive to connect with this mobile-first generation through attention-grabbing campaigns on trending platforms. Recent boom times in areas like short video apps, AI personalization, and augmented reality unlock novel strategies to engage Indian audiences. Savvy brands tapping into these mediums gain valuable traction and loyalty.

As homegrown short video platforms gain ground, they enable creative branding avenues. Top Indian brands employ formats like hashtag challenges to trigger user generated content on youth-dominated apps. FMCG major Parle’s #MelodyItnaChocolaty challenge on Josh asked fans to create videos with the iconic Parle-G jingle extolling their chocolate-filled biscuit. The UGC hashtag series generated 78 million views and counting, with minimal brand investment. This established genuine connections through user passion for Parle products. Sports leagues also ride the short video wave to expand reach. Targeted Hashtag Stickers and Branded Effects aimed at sports core youth audience led to a 3x increase in traffic and fan sign-ups.

Machine learning propels advertising personalization to soaring new levels in India through predictive analytics. Brands can now laser-target the Diwali offer perfect for Pradeep based on his earlier searches, not spam every subscriber alike. AI systems determine ideal timing, pricing promotions and positioning tailored to everyone by parsing data history and demographic factors. Personalization feeds consumer appetite for relevant content and offers at opportune moments. Homegrown e-commerce portal Myntra applies machine learning algorithms to better match products with user search queries and redirect them to appropriate discovery channels. During the End of Reason Sale, Myntra’s AI-optimized on-site search experience delivered a 5x boost in click-through rates.

Augmented reality layers stimulating digital effects over real environments via smartphones and is set to shake up Indian marketing. Forward-thinking brands explore AR’s power to engage and excite consumers. Cosmetics label Sugar Cosmetics ran an AR Diwali campaign where users could virtually try all makeup products through ModiFace technology. They could test unlimited combinations and styles prior to holiday shopping sprees. This “try for you buy” experience registers 40% higher conversion after trial usage.

In the hospitality sector, Jet Synthesys created a branded AR filter for luxury hotel chain IHCL. It surrounded people with digital renderings of signature design aspects found at Taj hotels. Over 57% of site visitors played the AR experience which lifted intentions to book by 80%.

For India’s booming young demographic, fluency in leading-edge platforms indicates progressive thinking. Early tech adopters like short video media, virtual try-ons and AI-enhanced experiences earn audience mindshare. They signal understanding of youth priorities while allowing customized targeting. Brands plunging into the future of Indian advertising forge invaluable consumer connections along the way.