The idea was to focus on establishing a strong brand perception and encouraging youth to understand the know-how of Indian financial systems.


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FinTin is a fintech company aiming to reach and financially serve all the underbanked people and youth by creating easy-to-use financial products that minimize the credit gap in the country. We envisioned FinTin’s purpose a step beyond lending money to the youth. The idea was to focus on offering and establishing a strong financial base in the country that would include especially the youth who would understand the basic know-how of Indian financial systems. The brand identity and website reflected the same message, where along with borrowing money, FinTin encourages every individual to understand the basic finance that plays a significant role in life.

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We envisioned a website that would tick the youth population to discover Soyo and its product till the end of the website page.


The Rustle Nest

Rustle Nest’s identity was designed to be minimal, sophisticated, and elegant which corresponded to the target audience.