Fly’s rebranding journey commenced with an impactful and minimal identity that extended to the website and other branding collaterals.


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Fly is a premium dentistry in Pune seeking a rebranding touch exuding confidence in brand language and eliteness in brand perception. The journey of rebranding Fly Dentistry was one of the most intriguing projects we had. The core of the brand strategy was to create a brand that empowers confident smiles in people. To implement the idea, we crafted a brand strategy aligning with the core idea coupled with the USPs of Fly like professional services and expert care.

Further, we crafted a brand identity that embodies the brand message through minimal and aesthetic design. We went for a minimal and abstract brand identity with a colour palette that would stand out. The final brand strategy and identity were implemented on diverse branding collaterals and digital and print media.

transform your life

Welcome to the world of Fly, where dentistry transcends beyond mere oral care to become an artistry of smiles. Fly is not just a dental destination; it’s a transformative journey towards radiant and confident smiles. With a commitment to excellence, we take pride in offering a spectrum of top-notch dental services, delivered by a team of seasoned experts. Our experts are dedicated to crafting smiles that go beyond expectations, harnessing their expertise to ensure the finest outcomes for every patient.

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Creativity served with pride. Let’s add you on the list.

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Colour palette

Fly’s primary logo is an arresting blend of red and black, meticulously chosen to convey a powerful and sophisticated aesthetic. Red symbolizes passion, energy, and the transformative nature of our dentistry, while black adds a touch of elegance and professionalism. This dynamic color combination not only commands attention but also reflects our commitment to excellence and the artistry of smile transformation.

Red (Pantone)




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Fly, where expertise meets artistry, and every smile takes flight towards perfection.







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