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How does your brand 'Sound' like?


Sound has a peculiar impact on our brain and can be the best tool for brand identification and brand marketing. At times there are instances, when we forget the brand name, their products, their visual impression; yet we recall how they sounded, their tone and the music associated with their products, campaigns or brand tone in itself. This is because there are studies by neuroscientists who analysed the brain mechanisms related to our memory, proving that words set to sound are the easiest to remember, as the sound memory is stored in a few different parts of the brain. The sound memory of a brand can transform it into a significantly recognisable entity. 

There are two types of sound branding – one is the main tune associated with the brand’s logo and for the brand’s prima facie purposes; the second is the sound/ music associated with a particular product portfolio or campaign, which will eventually cease once goals are achieved. The second type of sound branding acts as a catalyst for the campaign and business growth, whereas the first type of sound branding is designed for depicting the brand’s aura and character. 

Power of Music (Psychological Impacts) —

Sound branding/ audio branding can increase the advertisement for a product recall, enhance mood and the likelihood of purchasing. Given the fact that, on average, it takes eight touchpoints with your brand for a prospect to become a lead with online marketing. Sound is one of the best ways of stimulating brand awareness and transforming brand DNA. Hence, strategists should study the psychology of consumers and demographic where a particular type of sound and acoustic is comfortably perceived. 

Sonic branding has prominent psychological impacts, such as-

  • Higher purchase intent 
  • Improved mental image memory of the product/brand 
  • Increased preference for the advertised product/brand 
  • Improved attitude towards the brand 
  • Enhanced consumer persuasion 

By implementing acoustics in branding, we see (according to a study)- 

  • Strategists who use video/audio grow revenue 49% faster than non-users 
  • Among consumers, 70% purchased from a brand after seeing a branded video/audio on social media 
  • Adding a video/sound to your website can double the conversion rate 
  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined

Picking the Right Tune (and Way!) — 

It is pivotal to decide on an appropriate and suitable tone for brand identity and product portfolio’s tone, as it will be influential. If you select a soothing, calm and gentle theme of a score for the campaign which involves high-impulsed product marketing, then it will be dreadful and vapid. And similarly, if the brand identification theme is tender, friendly, warm and compassionate; and if you use a sharp, edgy and intense theme; then the brand will look insensible. Let’s talk about the way you source sound/ music. You should be aware of legal sources of music and their vigilant owners! The appropriate manner of sourcing sound is from music licensing services. Know misconceptions about Public Domain music, Royalty-free and Copyright-free music which will prevent you from getting sued. Although using a track of sound/ music is used prominently for portfolio marketing, however, if you wish to enhance brand identity then you must record an original score for it. Design appropriate, peculiar and original tune considering the brand’s features and characteristics. At the end of the day, having sound in your branding can yield some pretty significant results in your marketing efforts. You can expect to see more positivity around your brand and subsequently more conversion rate.