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Is Your Brand Name Unique? 3 Major Steps To Create A Brand Name


Brand name, yes, the paramount element of any commercial establishment! A birthmark and an important identification factor. Coming up with a brand name is quite a fun and interesting journey [for the most part]. There are millions of brands galore, and choosing a unique name for your business can be tricky, realising, you need to filter out the existing names and understand the fact that the chosen name option will stick with you forever (unless you choose to dive into the tedious name change and other miscellaneous activities). Your chosen name is going to ultimately affect your success and you must be ready for its sense of ownership down the line. Great brand names are usually short, simple and direct.


This is a fun and creative part we love. The inception of the brand includes the 3 vital questions (What, Why & How), the brand’s philosophy and the actual operations. The groundwork for picking a business name is done by writing down your story. Integrate your attributes in the naming like – your passion, desire, favourites, personal values, etc. Look out for inspiration and learn new unique words for your business name. Increase your emotional quotient and understand feelings evoked by your brand’s nomenclature. Utilise some quirky analogies in naming your brand like an acronym. Experiment with business name generator for ideation process.

R&D [literally!]

So by now, it must have been an imaginative, fun and enjoyable process. But now you must link your creativity with some practicality and test your shortlisted names on the basis of the research you do and see the development you achieve. Check the availability of your name in the state, national databases and social media existences. Make sure to do keyword research and Google it for identifying whether it is an inappropriate term or slang.

Let’s consider you have shortlisted a few name options, sit down and answer a few questions like- is it easy to spell, is it easy to remember, is it easy to pronounce, is it a good match to your industry, does it make any sense and most importantly, is it future-proof? Be your brand, wear it and try it out with your logo, design templates and mockups. Test your name with an external audience, understand their feedback, opinions and perspectives and curate your fundamentals accordingly.

Serious Business!

Now that you are substantial with a certain name, you must look at it as a serious business, [as it will literally be!]. Identify your entity type, whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership etc. and understand the legalities, registration and taxation aspects. Check the name availability in state and national databases. Find whether your name is available as a domain or not. Explore social media platforms adorning your names. Finally, if your name is unique enough, then just get it registered ASAP!

To make your brand pertinent, adorn it with a unique, easy and distinctive nomenclature which will brand your business, its values and ultimately create a distinguished legacy. Who doesn’t wish it, right?!