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J&K Bank: How an Out of the Box Logo can Break the Stereotype

jk bank

Famously known as the heaven of India, Kashmir lies in the Northern region of the country. I will say Kashmir not only made me experience the best travel journey but also blessed me with an extremely different perspective on looking at brands and their logos.

In the midweek of the summer, I visited Jammu & Kashmir. While on our way from the airport to the hotel my perspective toward J&K changed. What we were told was not completely true. It was semi-developing and systematically organised. But what came back with me along with the lovely memories from Jammu & Kashmir is the J&K Bank & its logo. It’s still there in the back of my head and has completely changed my perspective on any brand’s logo.

For the first time, I was ensuring my eyes that it is actually a bank logo or I am seeing it wrong. A very peppy and distinguished logo with primary pop colours is different from any other bank logo in our country. I just had a glance at it and it stayed with me the entire day. 

But that was like a handshake with this intriguing logo. For the next five days, I can locate J&K Bank in every corner of the magnificent city.

A bank logo with a falcon in the centre with stretched wings in white colour symbolising peace, empowerment and strength. Falcon is surrounded by three vibrant colours i.e., red, green and blue. When I realised the meaning of those three colours the logo made more sense to me. The green describes growth and renewal whereas the red stands for energy & power and the blue epitomise stability and unity.

It was all said and done! The last piece of my puzzle was solved. The logo could resemble exactly what the citizens of Jammu & Kashmir were looking for and could actually relate to. Unlike other convectional logos, J&K Bank’s logo was highly connected with its audience like it was a representation or support to their emotions. They could emotionally and mentally connect with the logo.

The strange fact is that J&K Bank is one of the oldest banks in the private sector yet a large portion of our country’s population is still unaware of it. In July 2020, the bank was listed among the top four banks in achieving the targets in digital payments.

What will astonish you, even more, is that it has over 2400 touchpoints throughout the country consisting of 964 branches and 1388 ATMs as of 31st August 2021. On June 1, 2019, the bank surpassed a deposit of Rs. 1000 billion with more than ten million customers.

Clearly, J&K Bank’s logo has terminated the stereotype of how an industry follows a similar pattern and concepts of a logo. It strongly shows the freedom of creativity and the futuristic approach of the brand. Moreover, the strong message coming out of the logo became its identity and first communication pillar with the customer and audience.

Because no matter even if I forget the name of the bank but I will always remember Jammu & Kashmir Bank just because of its extraordinary and out of the box logo. 

Your Logo, Your Identity!