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Marketing Strategies That Helped Brands Become Market Leaders

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Great businesses always consider great marketing strategies as their backbone for success. No matter how amazing your product or service is, it is essential for the organization to establish it and more importantly, it needs to reach and connect to the masses in an effective and emotional way which requires rigorous and correct research, precise strategising and rightly executing it among the masses. This entire process ensures the flow of desired business needs.

Today, marketing in India has been immensely dynamic and is upgrading each and every day adapting new and unique norms to connect to the masses and establish its brand & products in the market. A lot of organisations have set a benchmark when it comes to marketing and campaigns in India.


1. Amul India

No doubt Amul is ranking first in this list. Not only this but I can assure you that it must be on the top when it comes to marketing strategies and campaigns. Amul has never tried to direct market its product instead it has always focused on the social issues happening throughout the country as well as within the international boundaries.

Amul is the kingpin in the FMCG industry, dominating it with its marketing strategies from the very start. And every time, we are talking about Amul, how can we miss out on the most popular brand mascot of the country, the ‘utterly butterfly’ Amul girl. 

Amul is the kingpin in the FMCG industry, dominating it with its marketing strategies from the very start. And every time, we are talking about Amul, how can we miss out on the most popular brand mascot of the country, the ‘utterly butterfly’ Amul girl. 


asian-paints logo

The foremost and the most significant connection Asian Paints did was the humanizing the concept of home, for all of us. Since the time of independence, Asian Paints has grown into the market leader defeating all its foreign competitors. 

The legendary RK Laxman coined the initial mascot for the company named ‘Gattu’. An iconic creation that popularly connected the middle-class population of the country with the brand. This strategy also helped them portray themselves


fevicol logo

It is always fascinating to see how an adhesive brand dominated and became a popular market leader in its domain. They have so strongly picturised their logo with two elephants trying to pull a ball with a yellow background that every time, we hear Fevicol their logo comes in front of our eyes. 

Today, the term Fevicol has become a symbol of bonding, togetherness & a strong bond that is unbreakable. It has been used on various platforms and occasions o describe a bond. From Kareena Kapoor dancing o the song ‘Fevicol Se’ to our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi using the term ‘Fevicol Se Bhi Majboot Jod’ to describe the relationship between India and Japan. 

Its been 50 years and Fevicol has made a long journey in expanding its product portfolio from just Fevicol to Fevicryl (Art & Craft), Fevikwik (Instant Glue), Fevistick, Dr Fixit and M-Seal. Moreover, they have also introduced Marine Fevicol and Fevicol SpeedX in the industrial space. 

In their initial days, they have not only used great marketing strategies but have also come up with creative print and digital advertisements like ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’, ‘Moochwali’ and many more. 


patanjali logo

We are all familiar with Patanjali as one of the gigantic market leaders in India. But the fun fact is that Patanjali started in 1997 as a small pharmacy in Haridwar by the famous Baba Ramdev. It was in 2006 when the small shop finally achieved o form a private limited company named Patanjali Ayurved Pvt. Ltd. by Acharya Balkrishna. 

Their promise and motto of delivering a 100% natural product made trust between the brand and the people. Especially, in the rural areas and amongst the middle-class people. Patanjali’s ‘swadeshi brand positioning helped them gain a lot of popularity ad acknowledgement within the people. 

Today, Patanjali offers over 900 different products in the category of household products, regular groceries and personal care. It also holds around 300 medical products which are completely natural and pure, and are currently dominating the healthcare industry as well. Moreover, during the recent Covid pandemic, Patanjali launched a medical drug named ‘Coronil’, which worked as an immunity booster against the Coronavirus.

Another reason for Patanjali’s growth is because of the successful influencer marketing. The popularity of Baba Ramdev is well known throughout the country. Being the founder and a well-known icon for health and wellness has been endorsing the brand in a very effective manner. He himself has a strong brand value ad and thus has helped the company generate more because of his massive followers. 

Also, their pricing is lower than many competitive companies which has highly contributed to them obtaining price-sensitive customers. Their online, as well as offline marketing like ‘Natural and Free of Toxic Chemicals’, helped them keep up with the trust and belief of the customer.