The journey of unique brand positioning Nicolert started with a distinctive brand name that extended to other aspects.


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Nicolert is a packaging company serving different industries and helping them by safe and confident packaging. One of the major challenges that Nicolert has was its positioning in the market. The product was a drop in an ocean that would never find its way to reflect in a different way. The process of uniqueness started with the nomenclature of the name itself. The name “Nicolert” is an ingenious combination of the eminent name Nicolas Apert, Father of Packaging (Nicol + ert). The purpose of the name was to instil a unique perception in the mind of customers every time the name hit ears.

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Logo Inspiration

The name Nicolert is inspired by Nicolas Appert, the Father of Packaging. During the French Revolution, the whole army suffered from rotten food because of inadequate packaging. Nicolas wanted to solve this through numerous experiments. Nicholas dedicated his 14 years of life to experimenting and finding a one-stop solution for perfect packaging that would preserve food. His colossal efforts and empathy made him the Father of Packaging.

Our team is greatly inspired by Nicolas Appert. Hence, we integrated the name to form “Nicolert.” We strive for the same empathy and dedication the father of Packaging had!

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nicolert logo
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