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We know it’s not Halloween yet, though we thought to share some spooky online facts every advertiser and brand manager should know about. If you think, even after having the best branding strategy, equipped with the best tools, people & resources, you aren’t getting authentic outputs then there are some important loopholes where you should be focusing on.  

Awareness of such shocking data points is the first step to the prevention of poor and mind-weakening results. You might cover up all objectives of brand strategy, but the points you rely on firmly might give you the reality check you need. These statistical points are the result of audience behaviour patterns and tendencies for which you cannot really tweak anything, but surely can have solutions to design a smarter brand strategy.  

Daunting Facts -  

  • ‘Near Me’ Searches Reached 100% in 2021! 

This statistic is only scary if you are a national or an online brand. The sharp increase is due to lockdowns from the pandemic, but odds are that it will continue increasing. We can use this statistic as a clue to understanding consumer habits and demographics. As audiences are always on the move- preferring the closest, easiest and most feasible option out there, so you better make sure you are in that zone. 

67% of People Are No-nonsense Believers! 

What do we mean by it? Well, if you think the branding is all fun and games, then think again, as one mistake you do, and 67% of people won’t believe you again, ever! They will lose trust permanently in a brand once trust is broken—whether it’s due to false claims, damaged goods or services, a poor customer experience, or an unintentional error.  

  • 96% of Consumers Don’t Trust Your Ads! 

No, we aren’t joking! Paid ads are on the rise for a long time—so much so that people are becoming desensitized to them. 96% of consumers don’t trust ads, due to over-saturation, non-exclusive content & excessive bombardment from advertisers. Thus, brand managers have to work harder to prove their credibility. 


  • 615M+ Devices Aren’t In Your Reach!

    There are ad blockers on approx. 615M devices worldwide which keep your approachability a meter away! Even if you have true & transparent intentions, you have to work hard and reach out through other multi-channel strategies. Due to more and more devices having VPNs or built-in blockers set up, that number of 615 million is most likely to go up. 
  • 60% of Consumers Fools You!

    When you send out lead-generating forms, 60% of consumers give out bogus information and 81% of people have also abandoned at least one online form, and most won’t return to complete it. Keep your form very brief and quirky, as the attention span of fast-moving consumers is very short.  
  • 94% of People Won’t Care about Promoted Results! 

    You read that right, 94% of searchers fly right by your promoted search ads onto organic results. On top of that, 41% of paid clicks go only to the top three ads on the page, which means that your ad copy and ad rank matter more than ever. Run A/B testing, make copies creative and attention-seeking as much as possible. 

Well, there you have it then. The intention of this article is not to scare you away, but to lay down the truth in front of you. Rather than running through the blurry maze, it is better to know misleading facts before.  

Maintain brand consistency to safeguard from losses and strengthen your forte!