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strategic design

The branding efforts aren’t restricted to just marketing, advertisement and creative social media accentuation but go beyond that. The branding concept establishes a wholesome identity and keeps it intact through business operations- creating a brand strategy that too effective branding strategies cast an impact. Design is an essential ingredient in brand strategy, so much so that brand strategy and design form a synthesis of productive & rewarding branding. This leads us to ‘strategic design’.

Strategic design is a conscious effort of integrating brand values and philosophies creatively & homogenizing the branding and designing processes. Considering your brand holds some significant values which may not necessarily be commercial; when these values are ingeniously integrated into a brand strategy via design a character of the brand is formed. Let’s see in which areas can we fuse strategic design concepts.


1. Brand Definition

Design elements are utilised in creating alignment on the essential brand aspect, articulating the fundamental purpose, values and meaning of brands in terms of human needs and emotions. 

2. Brand Strategy

Achieving business ambitions and shaping experiences, setting long-term performance objectives and success metrics to determine what should be prioritised is diluted with the genesis of brand philosophies.

3. Brand Architecture

Strategic design values help you with efficient ways to credibly cover the spaces identified in clients’ portfolio strategy, advising on issues like naming, co-branding and brand migration. 

4. Brand Expression

Strategic design plots holistic systems of expression and identity that help brands create emotional connections across channels and platforms. If the brand holds a strong ‘sustainability’ concept, it should be reflected in every operation through strategic design.  

5. Brand Delivery

The strategic design creates tools, models and strategies that support teams in delivering on their brand’s meaning and promise throughout the customer journey and across experiences. 

So there you have it, we’ve been combining decades of brand and product experience across industries with current best practices in digital design and transformation to help our clients create an identity that connects with customers and provide a stable platform for future growth. Talking on brand diagnostics, strategic design fuses traditional data sources with digital footprints to create a rapid, repeatable and real-time view of brand perceptions and performance in the market. 

We believe, strategic design is the blueprint and a pre-planned perimeter for the brand pyramid which, if we attentively notice, acts as a framework and operational concept simultaneously. This is certainly an outrageous thing to decrypt but it surely enhances brand development.  

We encourage, strategic design concept that isn’t limited to businesses but the public, political and non-profit sectors are also making increasing use of this discipline. We have seen, its applications are varied, yet often aim to strengthen one of the following: product branding, product development, corporate identity, corporate branding, operating and business models, and service delivery in conjunction with the brand’s philosophies. Strategic design has been exponentially crucial in recent years, as businesses and organisations compete for a share of today’s global and fast-paced marketplace.