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Storytelling Is The Best Brand Strategy. Know Why We Heavily Vouch For It!

Storytelling Is The Best Brand Strategy

A brand is a character in itself. A unique identity formulating a unique entity. But what is the most pertinent aspect of such a character is storytelling. The whole existence of a brand relies on the ability of storytelling. The brand architecture is heavily dependent on storytelling. We insist the brand communication strategy must resonate with storytelling ability for better brand positioning. The brand values depend on the brand internals i.e. vision, mission, values, philosophy and brand external i.e. representation, portrayal and how they sound. The concept of strategic brand management will figure this out. But what is essential for a brand strategist is ‘storytelling’.

When Optimist Brand Design was established 14 years ago, the cardinal thing to resolve in the industry, was to find solutions for brand development and provide accurate and appropriate solutions through precise storytelling ability. It was a must to let clients differentiate between advertisement and branding. It was a must to let clients experience the journey of transformation. It was a must to let brands introspect. But how do you reckon these aspects to clients? -With storytelling. When brands see, listen and experience a plot of sequences they organically tune in for the transformation. We wish to tell the client’s story in an organic, natural and effortless manner without any intense professional or industrial language hiccups. We introspected ourselves and understood that a brand story will attain more results than its mere ‘commercial entity’ identity. The story connects humans to humans. Hence we strongly believe in H2H (human-to-human) connection rather than B2B/B2C jargon! as the end of the day we are dealing with humans and storytelling is the attribute which they perceive the most.

Brand storytelling is not the same as your company’s story. Brand storytelling, as opposed to simply telling the history of your brand, brings specific brand elements or characteristics to life through storytelling mechanisms. The human brain is hardwired to tell appealing stories. People tell stories from all cultures around the world. Indeed, reports on a study published suggest that storytelling teaches social norms and fosters social cooperation and that storytellers improve their chances of being chosen as social partners, receiving community support, and even having healthier offspring.

What elements of storytelling, do we believe in -

1- Be a part of the story, it's alluring

Everyone wishes to take part in something. It’s just part of human nature, like storytelling—we’re social animals. Obviously, it’s advantageous to capitalise on that natural impulse when selling to someone. And storytelling is an important part of how we interact with one another.

2- Story is a unique identification

Depending on your industry, many businesses may be saying similar things about similar products or services. You could simply hope that enough people choose you over the competition to keep your business afloat, but that’s as bad an idea as it sounds. It is critical to distinguish yourself from the competition and the story you carry.


3- Stories yield results

Stories don’t just generate interest in your brand—though that would be beneficial in and of itself, as your brand followers can spread the word about your company even if they don’t buy anything. Fortunately, the story encourages purchases as well as general interest.

4- Stories captivate

One method is through storytelling. People are more interested in reading or watching something entertaining than in a string of boasts or a list of stats, figures or features galore. Yes, if a prospect is interested in your brand, these factors can help close the deal.

So there you have it, storytelling is all about onboarding a journey with daily vivid happenings and vibrant results. We are sure, your brand story will be thoughtfully curated and carefully created with a comprehensive approach. We, Optimist Brand Design, the top branding agency in Pune will always push for good storytelling.