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The Secrets Behind a High Brand Recall


Have you ever wondered why the image of Colgate, JCB, McDonald or Nike comes to your mind whenever you hear the words like toothpaste, Jcb, Burger & Shoes? This happens because of a strong level of branding which is only possible when your brand has a stand out brand identity, unique brand persona and most importantly the good old brand recall factor or brand loyalty.

Speaking in terms of Brand recall it’s the most important factor of branding that makes or either completely breaks your brand’s image among the target audience.

Technically speaking brand recall is a major component of brand awareness wherein Brand recall lies at the heart of any marketing funnel of any product or service. Brand recall stays at the top of a marketing funnel which resembles the very first step of a buyer’s journey.

Below are some tips to ensure a strong brand recall regardless of the competition or the market you are into.

1. Invest heavily in creating an intuitive, engaging and interesting brand profile, persona & proposition.

2. Script an emotive brand story to which your potential customers can relate, feel and live.

3. Do a comprehensive audit, analysis and research of your own brand traits, market segment and competitor brand strategies.

4. Invest aggressively in crafting your brand’s design elements that are aesthetically pleasing which perfectly resonate with your brand’s purpose, vision and proposition.

5. Treat your brand as a living human that emotionally connects with its customers, partners and employees which increases brand trust, engagement and credibility.

6. Minimise or eliminate certain factors that may harm your brand reputation by ensuring consistent delivery of top quality products/services.

7. Walk the talk by living your brand’s values, purpose and vision which needs to be reflected in the company culture and work which in turn forms strong brand credibility that leads to increased brand recall/ loyalty.

8. Always stay connected with your customer family by creating memorable moments on social media and other communication platforms/ channels.

9. Make sure that you stay consistent with your brand strategy for maintaining relevancy, connection and relationship with your consumer family.

Following these branding principles can surely enhance your brand recall in every aspect. Be it aided or unaided brand recalls these tips act as the guiding principles for your brand strategy development process.

Colgate the top-performing toothpaste brand is an apt example of a top-performing brand with high brand recall, loyalty and awareness. The word toothpaste is enough for the general Indian public to recall the Brand’s name which is Colgate.

Colgate’s iconic smile themed logo and consistent red and blue-based branding colour palette has succeeded in developing an unforgettable brand identity. Colgate employs social media and other marketing channels in a very authentic way to communicate its core branding message thereby ensuring a very strong brand recall and loyalty among its target audience.

Brand Recall is something which we create!