A Tale of Brand Philosophy

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Mohini is a jewellery brand distinctly built for women. The brand aims at offering exclusive jewellery that is handcrafted and curated with precious stones. It is a budding brand with an envisions to create a distinctive impression on the market about jewellery. They offer an alluring and delightful piece of jewellery in the premium category.

Now the big question is where to start? At present, it is challenging to introduce a novel product that has not been already known to the world. There are countless products falling in the same category, claiming similar benefits, creating barely different impressions on customers’ minds. So how can one create a unique footprint in this crowd?

See! When we say “we are the group of curious people” we are actually crazy people! We are crazy about exploring every possible way to make our way in this crowd. We dig it and we polish it

We knew Mohini is about jewellery. But, what’s beyond those gold and diamond? What does a woman want? We unearthed that philosophy!


Know how a woman feels!

NO! A woman is not complicated to understand. In fact, in our journey, we discovered how simplistic a desire any woman can have. She is more than “beautiful.” And this ticked us to dig deeper.

Getting ourselves in “sandals”

So, what on earth a woman thinks while she embraces the piece of jewellery on her? Well, we believe that every human holds that emotional bond with every piece. And especially jewellery is an intimate part.


Yeah! We cracked it!

Our target customers might not be fond of jewellery that they can purchase from other stores too. But, what value Mohini brings to them is the key. A woman values her own identity, self-esteem, and most importantly herself!

Staining the permanent.

Bending a little more we thought, why a piece of jewellery has to define or beautify a person when it can simply cherish what’s within. A jewellery that not for the only white and slim neck but for each body that wants it. Not just pushing the barriers but breaking the barrier!