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The name may be identifying element for an individual or an entity but should it be a direct interpretation of what that individual or entity is about? Similarly, the brand names are of several types and categories. Some are unique business names, some are impactful brand names and some are unrelated brand names. But, what makes a good company name lies in the ideology and the philosophy of the brand. All creative business names discreetly integrate their philosophy into their name. There is a list of types of brand names. To make a brand name unique you must understand them first.

Understanding the various types of brand names opens up new possibilities. It’s like giving a painter more colours to work with. Brand naming encourages innovation. Explore as many categories and types of names for your brand as possible during the name-generation phase. The goal should always be to not leave any stone unturned. Let’s start with the luxury brand name.

Luxury Brand Name

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Luxury brand names are a distinct category in and of themselves regardless of external aspects. They can have descriptive, suggestive, or empty vessel names. One of the most important features is that they effectively communicate the brand’s quality, status, and luxury. There are some ‘must-have’ features for luxury brands. Once you’ve defined these concepts, it’ll be easier to find the perfect name to showcase it all. Superior craftsmanship, a rich heritage, an element of scarcity, a strong brand identity, the use of public figures, and an exceptional store experience are all required. A brand name, for example, could be used to convey heritage and culture, as well as brand identity.

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Categories of Unique Brand Names

The three categories are similar to archetypes. They guide you and assist you in determining the type of story you want to tell.


Suggestions for brand names indicate what a product or service provides. They can serve as a metaphor, analogy, or association. Twitter, for example, is a communication platform that resembles a flock of birds tweeting at each other.


This category of name is precise, functional & clearly positions the brand without any misinterpretation. There’s no ambiguity in understanding the product or service the brand provides.


A flexible brand name has infinite potential. It could refer to anything. The challenge is that infusing meaning into the name takes more time and marketing resources. Educating customers on what the brand is or what it offers must become part of the company’s ethos.

Luxury Brand Name

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Brand names that are one of a kind are like poetry. You have captured the essence of a company, product, or service in a word or two. It’s a simple phrase with a profound meaning. Naming is not easy. Because the palette is so broad, it’s one of the most inventive marketing practices. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of possible word combinations for your brand. In this post, I examine brand names from two perspectives: categories and construction. So there you have it, your brand name is not just a name but a culmination of numerous elements galore.