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Why your brand Celebrit


When a celebrity promotes, displays or advertises a brand or its product with the help of various media platforms then we call it celebrity branding. As of now, it is the most frequently used method of brand marketing & advertising.

If you see today, every giant brand has one well known personality/face that resembles the brand identity and persona. For example, Virat Kholi for Puma. Keeping India’s finest sports person for a sports shoe company is one of the wisest choices a sports brand can make.

Similarly, using specific celebrities that can define or communicate a brand’s or product’s personality, message and story to the audience that later converts into business is always a  beneficial investment made by the firm.



1. Boosts Brand Awareness:

Celebrity presence and popularity in the country or region helps the brand to create awareness about their own products. Celebrities are well known faces and can make a brand stand out and grab the people’s attention easily. All together, celebrities help brands gain mass visibility and reach.

2. Adds Glamor & Opulence:

Celebrities in general resemble glamor and luxury. Thus, they give brands the essence of their glamor and opulence as well. Celebrities can double the richness of the brand by promoting it. The major reason behind this is their lavish and picture-perfect lifestyle that everyone dreams of.

3. Large Celebrity Networks:

Celebrity branding is a powerful branding tool that delivers massive reach via different marketing channels and mediums. Celebrities have access to television, traditional media as well as strong social media presence. We intend to follow them because of their popularity, work and lifestyle.

4. Significant Increase In Sales:

By now we all know how effective celebrity branding is in the current period. But along with increasing brand awareness or popularity of the brand, celebrity endorsement have resulted in increased sales by 4 percent.

– NIKE still remains the best example for portraying celebrity branding. In 1984 Nike launched the Air Jordan campaign which is termed as one of the most successful celebrity endorsements in the history of celebrity branding. In 2009, Twenty five years later, the Nike Jordan brand dominated 10.8 percent of overall shoe sales and a gigantic raise by 75 percent in basketball shoe sales, in the United States.

But however, it is important to know what all things you must consider while approaching for celebrity endorsing:

1. Connecting To The Right Celebrity:

Approaching the right celebrity is a must. You cannot reach out to any celebrity to endorse your brand. Your target audience must connect with the celebrity and the brand.

2. Celebrity branding should be a conscious decision:

Sometimes you might not need a celebrity endorsement, considering various reasons. Hence, it is always advisable to do a detailed research before you decide to do a celebrity endorsement for your brand.

3. Not to Make Celebrity Endorsement the Primary Channel For Communication:

It is better that people know your brand for its uniqueness and quality rather than recognising it because of  a celebrity face. This will actually improve your overall brand image and popularity.

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